“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives”

                                                      Baseball & Civil Rights Pioneer, Jackie Robison

The sky is the limit...

Courtesy, Howie Rose “New York Beyond Sight”, 2009


Welcome to HIS School of Santo Nino, a place for those with
no place to go.

Located in the squatter’s barrio of B. Aranas Extension, in the
Parish of Santo Nino, Cebu City, Philippines, HIS School serves an underserved population of children that the overwhelmed public school district has left behind.

Exceptional children with a thirst to learn; challenged kids with sight and
hearing impairment; autistic kids with borderline social skills; children who
all share one thing:

Our love and desire to see them shine!

Please visit us again soon as we introduce you to the Kids
of Santo Nino!

Just What Can One Do with Five Loaves and Two Fish?

How About A Solitary Kindle?

Presenting The WJR Digital Library:

How a Single Kindle Brings a New World of Brightness to the Kids of Santo Nino