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“A Boy & a Dog” – our 1st blended Kindle-oke Audio Puzzle…please visit us at Facebook


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Calling ALL Teachers!

Your homework:

You’ve got 20 kids, ranging from age 5 to 13.

You are alone and offline. What to do?


Introducing HIS School of Musical Appreciation, sponsored by eTAP dot org and the good people at Amazon.


Step One: Select your tune of choice from your iTunes library.

HIS School is fond of the great and legendary family man, Tom Jones, whose recent gospel rocker “Strange Things Happening Everyday” is just too good to not get up and dance to! – so convert your tune of choice to MP3 and send it to the Kindle “music” folder. Okay! Ready to rock!

Step Two: “Content Analysis”, here we consider our lesson plan objectives; our learners’ context, i.e. interests and proclivities; and just how much fun we can have with this blended learning experience. Our heroes over at Nursery Tap (http://www.nurserytap.com/) for example, might guide us down the path of music-body learning in the performing arts, incorporating spatial, cognitive and eTAP.org Language Arts phonics in the rhymes of life!

Step Three: Create a Kindle-friendly 24 font pdf lyrics file so we can reinforce our English language skills while reading along with the music…remember to (a) “save as pdf” with large font 22 or larger, and (b) save in the Kindle “documents” folder…

(Spanish anyone? How about Italian and the Three Tenors? There are endless Kindle-oke possibilities!)

Step Four: Cue Kindle pdf! Cue music! (Nigel Lythgoe thank you!) and let the fun begin!

If you have “A Single Kindle…” story you’d like to share, please do!

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To reach Kathy Sarno, HIS School Special Needs educator, please go to hissantonino@gmail.com.

Thank you & God bless!

HIS Friends of Santo Nino

original photo courtesy of HiEdCOACH from the “A Single Kindle..” project:

The SOUL Pilot Program Field Observation of Organic, Self-Organized Collaborative  e-Learning”

Hello again!

Thanks to our many followers we now have a considerable base of social media support. Thank you all and God bless!

We would like to tap your vast experience as we launch the SOUL Partnership for Success Project this month. This project relies entirely on our eTAP.org partner provided online curriculum tohelp us guide 20 diverse learners from age Pre-K to 13.  Have you managed such a small online learning group? Please tell!

What we are looking for is innovative, blended classroom practice in programs with minimal funding. In short, you have an opportunity to help us shape our program! Please take the time to reflect on what you feel works; what you feel you would do differently; what you think the self-directed, minimally-invasive education model can achieve.

Here is your link to our dream:


“As the world gets smaller, our dreams get bigger…”

Best wishes & God bless you one and all!

HIS Success! SOUL Success! Our Mutual Success!


We want you to succeed!

We want to succeed!

Together, we can succeed!

Introducing HIS School of Santo Nino SOUL Partnership for Success!

SOUL: Self-Organized Ultimate Learning offers us a Map, a Compass and a Guide to Success

Your Map: Based on successfully proven methods of instructional design, group collaboration and innovative leadership, the SOUL program identifies just what we need to know and when we need to know it by. The ultimate goal? Successful completion of your selected curriculum and exit examinations in a timely fashion appropriate for you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Your Compass: By utilizing Pre-test Assessments provided by online learning specialists eTAP.org, you can establish a YOU ARE HERE position on your SOUL Map to Success.


Your Guide: From that STARTING POINT, HIS School of Santo Nino serves as a guide in the development of your human intellect. We are Humanus Intellectualis Specialists and provide guidance tailored to each individual’s style of learning and particular needs.

Self-Organized: Innovative educators like Sugata Mitra (Minimally-invasive Education) , Blaise Subbiondo (eTAP.org online portal of self-guided multimedia learning tools) have proven kids learn best when given the freedom to explore what interests them. HIS Guidance simply lights the way.

Ultimate Learning: Just as every parent wants to see only the best for their child, HIS School focuses on seeing our kids successfully navigate the TimeLINEs and MileMAKERS society demands of today’s students. Our Ultimate Goal is the see our student move forward with a desire to learn more and help others along the way.

Our Partnership: HIS School is dedicated to serving the underserved, and we are committed to partnering with the student and the student’s family to provide the very finest, most innovative learning experience available anywhere. Our mission is nothing less than providing HIS students of Santo Nino a world-class education that is completely underwritten by ourselves and our community partners. What this means is that anyone truly in search of an education can find their place in HIS School of Santo Nino.

Image courtesy of National Geographic Map Maker

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do









   Ephesians 2:10, New International Version

It’s all in the name!

HIS School of Santo Nino – dedicated to the children of Santo Nino!

We are pleased to express how HIS School stands for many things…

The eponymous HIS represents our appreciation of His generosity and bountiful kindness. Thanks to His spirit of Santo Nino, we enjoy the solace that there is always help from above when we need it most.

The acronym HIS also stands for our role as Humanus Intellectualis Specialists, educators devoted to see that our children fully develop their minds. This  especially apt descriptor, as defined by the New American Oxford Dictionary, describes our endeavor to see that our kids possess a “highly developed intellect”;  understanding all the while that each of us is a unique individual with our own talents and challenges. It is HIS Mission to bring out these special gifts in all of our students.

                                   May this new day be your best!